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PK-96 + FT-847

Hello all,

I was wondering if there are any FT-847 users out there who 
are using the AEA/Timewave PK-96 TNC.

I'm thinking of buying one, but am wondering about the 
compatibility with the FT-847.

The PK-96 uses one output connection for both 1200 and 9600 
baud, while the FT-847 has two separate inputs.

I sent an inquiry to Timewave about this and they replied:

"Several users have successfully connected the two receive 
outputs together in the connector.  This will not harm the FT-
847 since one of the outputs is high impedance so they will 
not load each other.  If this method works with no loss of 
sensitivity or increased data errors, then no external switch 
will be necessary to select the desired receive signal to 
feed into the PK-96." 

Has anyone out there been successful doing this?


John Pfeifer - KL0WN
Kodiak, Alaska
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