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FYI: The 2400-2402 MHz Band

The reply comment period closes on FCC Proposal

The principal Benefit of the allocation status upgrade
at 2400-2402 MHz from secondary to primary and to
create a primary allocation there for the Amateur-Satellite
Service "...is to provide some protection and assurance of
future availability for the Amateur-Satellite service," ARRL
said in their reply comments.

"Amateur satellites are funded using the private resources of individual
Amateurs and Amateur groups. It is a struggle to accomplish what the
Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT) has been able to achieve.
Amateur satellite operations represents some of the greatest achievements
of the Amateur Service, and the work of AMSAT volunteers is always at the
forefront of communications technology. There has to be a reasonable assur-
ance that an allocation will continue to be available for  Amateur Satellite
 use into the future, since planning in that service is long-term.

The League noted that the 2400-2450 MHz band "...is compromised in terms of
Amateur use by virtue of the explosive increase in noise from unlicensed
However the problem is less pronounced at the lower end of the band."

The ARRL said the FCC's "...request for 'comment on whether the proposed
 amateur and amateur-satellite service allocations would conflict with
use of the band.' makes no sense. The Amateur service is a licensed radio
which now has allocation status in the 2400-2402 MHz band. Part 15 devices
continue to operate (on an individual device basis) where interference is
caused by
that device to any licensed station, by rule. The change in the allocation
status of the
Amateur Service or Amateur-Satellite Service from secondary to primary can
have no effect on the unlicensed use of the band, because the obligations of
Part  15 devices to both accept and not cause any interference does not
change under
any circumstances."

"ARRL continues to remind the Commission that it cannot make allocation
decisions involving
incumbent services on concerns about unlicensed services without allocation

Reproduced courtesy of the W5YI Report-Oct 1, 2002


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