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VHF Spherical Antenna Designer wanted!

Antenna designer needed:

We have a funded Launch opportunity for the next PCsat in less than a year
and need a good RF designer and antenna modeler to help out.

The free ride is because we can go inside of a perfectly spherical but
totally passive mirror surfaced 18" diameter ball.  The antenna must be
totally internal and have absoultely zero externals.  Last year we built a
"split-sphere" model and EZNEC and our full size model showed that with a
1" insulated gap between the upper and lower hemispheres we can get the
thing pretty close to a good match for 145.825 MHz with the whole thing
pretty much acting like a dipole.

But with 3 other satellites under design and construction, and me being
the only HAM/Comm guy, I just dont have time to do all that I want to to
make sure this split-sphere design will tune up.

Design to date:    http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/ande.html

The PCsat style digipeater will run for 2 years with 8Kg of Lithium
primary cells (no external solar power possible)...

What I need is someone (who really knows what he is doing) that is willing
to give their "life" to this antenna design over the next 9 months... for
the sake of getting another UI packet digipeater into space...

Just thought I'd ask...

de WB4APR, Bob

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