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Re: AO-40 recieving

Hi Keith.

I also do the same thing as Jonathan  (HB9DRD/G4KLX) but I split it to 3
radios!! I use the R7000 for beacon tlm, a IC-706 as my main RX (my
downconvered IF is 450 MHz so with an unmoded 706 I can't Tx into the
downconverter) and the ICR1000 as a slow spec an'.  I use TalkPCR software
on the 1000.  This works a treat I can see what happening across the
transponder (this includes those data signals with almost the same strength
as the beacon!! You know who you are!) and lets my tune up/down to anything
interesting I see.  Also helps in peaking up my antennas.
All I used to split the signals is a plain CATV 3 way splitter, these have a
loss of about 6 dB on each port (for a good one) so having ample IF gain is
ok, saves on cable from the downconverter and the extra loss through the
splitter is a bonus.

So steal your bro's R8500, you have a far better use for it, and use all the
radios = more fun.


Matt - VK2DAG -

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