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To all interested,

I will yield to Martin in that by all current reasoning Yuri Gagarin was
never the holder of the call UA1LO.  I have already been severely
chastised for taking up so much bandwidth of this BB so my response will
be short and to the point.

If any of you out there had in your files a QSL card from UA1LO dated in
the same time period as the one I have and the "rumor" was floating
around that this was/had been the call sign of Yuri Gagarin, the first
man into space, wouldn't you have reacted similarily to my response? This
is, after all, a space related bulletin board/reflector, is it not? 
Wouldn't you all have hoped that the facts would have proven the story to
be correct?  Of course, I wanted the story to be true.  As soon as I send
this, my once prized UA1LO QSL will be put back into the files where it
has been resting for more than 30 years.  When I become an SK I have
instructed my XYL to bundle up all of those cards tightly and use them in
the fire place.  There should be enough to keep the house warm for a full
and cold winter!!  No, I'm not angry or bitter.  It was, for me, if for
no one else, a memorable chapter in my personal amateur radio handbook. 

73,  Frank, K0BLT  

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