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RE: AO-40 Photos

Keith wrote:

>Because of the increasing ALON, it is now necessary to take pictures for 
>attitude determination at the end of one orbit, and download them after 
>apogee on the next orbit.

>My question is, are these AO-40 photos available to be viewed and if so 

All telemetry captured from AO-40 is available online at:


The telemetry archive is ordered by date down to the month level. Inside the
month directory you will find zip files, 1 file per orbit. If you look at
the zip file sizes, then you'll see that some are substantially larger than
others. These will be the files containing D-blocks. The D blocks are used
to download the jpeg images (and other data) from the spacecraft. 

Details of how to convert raw d blocks into images you can view can be found


If the command stations have sent in the decoded and/or despun jpeg images
to the archive, which they generally do. Then the orbit zip file will also
include a zip file named something like 835JPEGs.zip, this file contains the
images in viewable form.

The de-spun images often include markings showing angles etc, ... these are
used in for attitude determination, ... i.e. working out ALON/ALAT.

I hope that helps

Paul, VP9MU
AO-40 Telemetry Archive

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