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RE: Yuri...UA1LO


The clearest point that Martin made in his entire exposition was
one you missed or ignored.  No Soviet era organization would ever
leave a national hero out of its propaganda.  Had UA1LO been Yuri
Gagarin,  Radio and Komsomolskaya Pravda would have trumpeted it
to the heavens.  Leonid Labutin, UA3CR, WORKED FOR Kosomolskaya
Pravda, and was heavily involved in space science in the USSR and
with the Radio Sputnik series, as well as the ski trips across the
North Pole. Leo told me that this was utter B.S. I trust Leonid
Labutin completely in this matter.  I remain completely convinced
that having worked about a thousand Yuri's with U call signs,
that UA1LO is just one more.

For the same reason that this bit of urban lore continues to rattle
around and take up so much bandwidth in this forum,  you should
realize that it could never have been kept "under wraps" by the
aforementioned organizations that the "real" hero of the Soviet
Union, much more highly regarded than Neil Armstrong even, was


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Martin, et al,

Much of what you offered on your recent post about whether Yuri Gagarin
was the holder of the call sign, UA1LO I certainly agree with.  Yet there
are many questions yet to be answered.  Surely there is someone out there
who has close connections with Moscow.  There must be archieved somewhere
the records of who actually held the call, UA1LO.  It wouldn't make sense

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