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Martin, et al,

Much of what you offered on your recent post about whether Yuri Gagarin
was the holder of the call sign, UA1LO I certainly agree with.  Yet there
are many questions yet to be answered.  Surely there is someone out there
who has close connections with Moscow.  There must be archieved somewhere
the records of who actually held the call, UA1LO.  It wouldn't make sense
for those records not to exist today.  I simply cannot believe that those
documents would just vanish into thin air with the fall of the USSR.  I
have the hard copy, paper logs of every QSO I've ever made.  Thousands
and thousands of them to be sure.  In the same time period as my QSO(s)
with UA1LO (I actually worked him twice, 23 Aug. '61 was my 2nd contact
date.) I also have QSOs and QSLs from the following:  UA1LN, UA1LP,
UA1LG, UA1LY and UA1MA.   All of which are within a few weeks or months,
at most, of my QSO with UA1LO.  All of them used similar generic type QSL
cards but not a single one has a picture of Yuri Gagarin on the flip
side!!  I have searched my collection of USSR QSL cards quite extensively
(Several thousand of them filed alphabetically and numerically.) and I do
not find another single card that has a photo of Yuri Gagarin on the
picture side.  Strange, since the translation of the text on the info
side of the card would indicate that 1.1 meg of this run was printed! 
There are pictures of every imaginable government building, work of art
and attractive scenery, etc., etc.  Agreed, that doesn't prove a thing
except that someone named Yuri held the call, UA1LO.  

Think of how many of the current NASA pilots are holders of amateur radio
calls.  Would it not be right thinking to believe that such may have been
the case with Russian pilots involved with the USSR space program in the
1960s as well?  Perhaps the idea that Yuri Gagarin was actually a ham
radio operator is not all that far fetched.

I had no idea when I posted my original note about having a UA1LO QSL in
my possession that it would cause such a crazy thread.  I don't know if I
have a QSL from the very first man in space or not.  Until someone proves
to me, absolutely otherwise, I'll continue to use my new found keepsake
as a great and very enjoyable conversation piece.  If time proves my 
UA1LO QSL is just another card from a fellow named Yuri who lived in
Leningrad, USSR in the 1960s, I'll just return it to the same dusty file
where I discovered it just last week.

I will also qualify all of the above by saying that it too, is my
opinion.  Take it for just that and nothing more.  I'm not the least
upset about the controversy.  Actually, it has been a great source of
enjoyment to me.  Perhaps with all of this discussion we can really put
to rest something that has been a question for a long time.  I'm very
pleased to be part and parcel to all of it!!  Never in a hundred years
would I have ever thought that one single card from the USSR from someone
named Yuri create such a furor.

73    Frank, K0BLT   
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