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Re: Re: Hill top tower sites for sale

At 06:22 PM 9/11/2002 -0500, Mark Fellhauer wrote:
>At 04:08 PM 9/11/02, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>>Deal of a life time for SERIOUS HAMS:
>>If you have $20k+ to burn you might just want to check on the hundreds of
>>complete hill-top surplus microwave tower sites that are for sale!
>Considering a local firm here in Sioux Falls wants $100 a month for (just) 
>antenna space on one of their sites, it seems to me that a well-placed 
>tower site purchased for $20,000 may actually be able to break even in a 
>few years, provided you leased tower space to commercial ventures.  Of 
>course there would be insurance, property and other taxes, and probably a 
>whole mess of other problems I haven't considered...

and Kevin Brown wrote:

I've actually been working on a project like this for about a year. To 
buy the 300' tower, an appropriate equipment shelter, etc is the easy 

Liability insurance will kill most of these projects...and may end up 
being the death of mine. Lloyds of London wouldn't do it... 
Things need to cool off in telecommunications and especially in 
insurance (Sept 11, 2001 didn't help) and then it may get much easier.

Also be aware of the FAA regulations, registration requirements, etc 
that will all demand attention...

A good investment? Absolutely! Worth the effort? Your decision.
My reply:

Our company purchased a tower site in 1996 at 1100-feet ASL with a 100-foot
tower and 14x22-foot building on a couple acres for $5,500.  It already had
five clients each paying $125/month (incl. electric).  P/E = 5500/625 = 8.8

I gave a passing thought to buy it and lease back to my employer, but
didn't have the cash up-front.  Since then all the occupants have left:
two opted to use cell phones instead of a repeater, one company finished
their logging operation and left the state, and the phone company moved
their repeater to a site next door!  But all is not lost as the natural gas
company is expanding and looking a the site for comms.

Of course, my company is not a communications company and acquired the site
for their own use (the income was gravy)!  If I had bought it I'd have been
scratching!  Oh well, its 70-miles from work so I don't think I would want
the 2-hour one-way commute!  {in fact my employer requires me to be within
30-minutes on-call 7/24}

The FAA is only interested if you are close to an airport or over a certain
height above existing structures/terrain.  I guess not being in "flat-land"

A cyclone fence keeps insurance cost down.  Build your home next to it!
Buy a dog!  

73, Ed - AL7EB

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