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Hill top tower sites for sale

Deal of a life time for SERIOUS HAMS:

If you have $20k+ to burn you might just want to check on the hundreds of
complete hill-top surplus microwave tower sites that are for sale!  Seems
with all the FIBER these days, AMERICAN TOWER is sitting on hundreds of
acres of old mountain top microwave sites (compelte with TOWERS,
Generators and the BUILDING!). One ham just bought the whole site,
building, tower and 60K generator for $20k!  See below...!

I just checkd the web site, and there are none in My state of Maryland,
but many states are full of them!  If you are a SERIOUS HAM and want a
SERIOUS VHF/UHF site, buillding, tower and sometimes generator, check out
this site!  Put up some APRS digipeaters!  Great CLUB site too!

P.S.  It asked for a loggon name and password, I made up something and
repeated it 3 times and I was in....  This is what I got from Bob K5GNA::

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 18:33:34 EDT
From: BobsImsai8800@aol.com
To: bruninga@usna.edu
Subject: Towers

I recently purchased an old AT&T Long Lines site with a 330 foot self
supporting tower from American Tower.  It is on 2 2/3 acres and included a
1750 square foot bunker with 14" thick walls and roof with a 14' inside
height plus a room with a 60 KW Diesel generator.

American Tower purchased 1950 of them from AT&T in 2000 and they want to sell
most of them.  The prices vary, but they told me that the average selling
price is $25,000 -- I paid them $20,000, which is what you were talking about
for the 100' pole.

These sites were made during the Cold War in the 60's for the Military
Autovon network and were made to withstand a nuclear blast at about 10 miles.
They were taken out of service in the late 80's and replaced with fiber
cable.  They are located about 30 miles apart, in just about every direction.
 Mine is 50 miles from my house overlooking Lake Livingston, in the Piney
Woods. It is the 3rd hop out of Houston.

They paid people to remove the MW equipment in 2000, one of my buddies was
doing it in San Antonio. He got some interesting equipment.  Mine was
stripped, but it still has a 10' dish near the top and 2 of the "sugar
scoops' at about half way up.  Two dishes and two "sugar scoops" were removed
from mine.  All seven of the 3.7 GHZ circular waveguide runs are still on the

My tower is about 40' across at the base and about 10' across at the top with
an enclosed area with side rails that lets you walk around at the top.  It
has a Fall Arrest climbing system that makes it very easy to climb with a
harness attachment that will not let you fall more than 8" if you let go.  It
has a brand new strobe light and flasher that is still under warranty.

Here is the American Tower site:

<A HREF="http://www.americantower.com/mainweb/";>

You might look, there may be a site near you.  You might also look around
your location for the old square self supporting AT&T towers and write down
the numbers on the gate; you can then look them up on American Tower's "find
a location" site.  Not all sites are listed for sale, even though they may be

They also have the larger buildings that are over 5000 square feet for sale
under "Business Bunkers."  I looked at an 18,100 square foot site in San
Antonio and Rosenberg -- very large.

Bob Seydler

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