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Re: Kenwood D7

Thanks for all the message about the D7 battery life. At least I know that
mine is not broke.

Now, we need to find out who make a Lithium-ion battery that will fit!

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On Wed, 11 Sep 2002, Gene Harlan wrote:

> Last Sunday, after a full charge, listing on two freq at the same time, no
> TNC on, I listened from 8 am till 3 pm and it died. I did not transmit at
> all. Is this normal?????????

Band A draws about 35 mA, and band B about 55 mA and the TNC about 10 mA.
WIth both bands running thats 90 mA and for a 600 mA battery, that works
out to about 6.6 hours.  8 AM to 3 PM is about 7 hours.  Looks like your
battery is right on spec...

Turn off Band B and it should last 600/35 or about 17 hours...


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