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Re: Re: Kenwood D7

At 12:33 PM 9/11/2002 -0500, Bruce Bostwick wrote:
>>>Last Sunday, after a full charge, listing on two freq at the same time, no
>>>TNC on, I listened from 8 am till 3 pm and it died. I did not transmit at
>>>all. Is this normal?????????
>>Band A draws about 35 mA, and band B about 55 mA and the TNC about 10 mA.
>>WIth both bands running thats 90 mA and for a 600 mA battery, that works
>>out to about 6.6 hours.  8 AM to 3 PM is about 7 hours.  Looks like your
>>battery is right on spec...
>>Turn off Band B and it should last 600/35 or about 17 hours...
>Depends on which type of battery it is.  If the previous poster was 
>correct and it's a NiCd pack (and if so, why is Kenwood still using 
>NiCd's?!) then not all of that 600mAh is going to be usable by the radio, 
>because at some point the battery voltage will go below cutoff for that 
>unit and the remaining charge will be unusable.  NiMH's go a lot closer to 
>fully discharged before their voltage starts to drop, so they will perform 
>much closer to the theoretical limit than NiCd's will.  I've seen 
>lifetimes comparable to this with my current NiMH pack in my TH-79A, but 
>the original NiCd pack never even came close to what you would have 
>expected from its mAh rating.  My 79A, my T81A, and my cellphone all use 
>NiMH and I wouldn't go back to NiCd if you paid me to .. ;-)

My THF-6 and my cellphone both use Lithium-ion. I wouldn't go back to NiCad 

John - K9IJ


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