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Re: Re: Kenwood D7

>> Last Sunday, after a full charge, listing on two freq at the same 
>> time, no
>> TNC on, I listened from 8 am till 3 pm and it died. I did not 
>> transmit at
>> all. Is this normal?????????
> Band A draws about 35 mA, and band B about 55 mA and the TNC about 10 
> mA.
> WIth both bands running thats 90 mA and for a 600 mA battery, that 
> works
> out to about 6.6 hours.  8 AM to 3 PM is about 7 hours.  Looks like 
> your
> battery is right on spec...
> Turn off Band B and it should last 600/35 or about 17 hours...
> Bob

Depends on which type of battery it is.  If the previous poster was 
correct and it's a NiCd pack (and if so, why is Kenwood still using 
NiCd's?!) then not all of that 600mAh is going to be usable by the 
radio, because at some point the battery voltage will go below cutoff 
for that unit and the remaining charge will be unusable.  NiMH's go a 
lot closer to fully discharged before their voltage starts to drop, so 
they will perform much closer to the theoretical limit than NiCd's 
will.  I've seen lifetimes comparable to this with my current NiMH pack 
in my TH-79A, but the original NiCd pack never even came close to what 
you would have expected from its mAh rating.  My 79A, my T81A, and my 
cellphone all use NiMH and I wouldn't go back to NiCd if you paid me to 
.. ;-)

           --... ...-- -.. . -. ..... ...- -...
                   Bruce Bostwick N5VB

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