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Kenwood D7

Bob & the group,

I was going to send email just to Bob, then decided that there are plenty of
others that have Kenwood D7's that can tell me if I have something wrong
with mine. I already asked Bob about this once, but I still question the
battery life on the D7.

The question is - what to expect for battery life on the D7. After a full
charge, using the Kenwood 600 ma battery, I did a walk-a-thon type event and
using it from 7 am till 10 am & it died. That was transmitting and

Last Sunday, after a full charge, listing on two freq at the same time, no
TNC on, I listened from 8 am till 3 pm and it died. I did not transmit at
all. Is this normal?????????

I have a Kenwood F6 and get more than a week from the battery transmitting
and receiving - however it has a better type battery, and 1600 ma.

I bought a 1000 ma battery at Dayton this year (at the recommendation of one
of the Kenwood reps), but do not feel that helped much at all.

Any thoughts?

Gene Harlan - WB9MMM
Harlan Technologies - publishers of
Amateur Television Quarterly
OSCAR Satellite Report
815-398-2683 - voice
815-398-2688 - fax

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