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Re: UO-22 decoded via AGWPE and soundcard

Howard wrote:

> o WISP only supports COM port access, so the above glue needs to have some
> means of appearing as a virtual COM port. This is the really hairy stuff
> unlike *NIX, COM ports are device drivers with a specific, hardly
> documented, IOCTL. In essence, the idea is to make the COM port appear as
> TCP port. Although I've made a good deal of progress on this, there are a
> large number of serial events to write support for. In the short term I
> used a third party product to provide this function.
I'm facing a similar problem with some stuff I'm doing under Windows towards
RUDAK on AO-40. I've been thinking more along the lines of "virtual" serial
ports (like the Linux pseudo ports) so that both bits of software talk to
the opposite end of a COM port (in software). Like you, I've resorted to a
third party (commercial) product. They've made encouraging noises about a
discount for amateurs though :-)  I'm waiting for their new beta.

The Windows DDK seems quite complex, even for a simple function like this,
so I havent gone there yet! Anyone on this list write Windows drivers I



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