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RE: UO-22 decoded via AGWPE and soundcard

Hello Don

> Does anyone know of a PB/PG program that works with AGWPE and the PACSATS?

It's a job I've been working on since about March this year, but as with
many projects of mine they sadly take a lot longer than I originally

The implementation will act as glue between AGWPE and WISP.

There are two fundamental problems to resolve here:

o Write some glue to provide a real KISS interface from AGWPE (not too
tough, although I'm having trouble testing it with the soundcard hardware on
my development PC). I already have the TCP interface written for this, and
it now simply needs some data structure re-hashing into the APWPE API.

o WISP only supports COM port access, so the above glue needs to have some
means of appearing as a virtual COM port. This is the really hairy stuff as
unlike *NIX, COM ports are device drivers with a specific, hardly
documented, IOCTL. In essence, the idea is to make the COM port appear as a
TCP port. Although I've made a good deal of progress on this, there are a
large number of serial events to write support for. In the short term I have
used a third party product to provide this function.

There are two totally different device driver implementations on Windows,
one with its history in Win9x/ME and the other for WinNT/2K/XP, so I have to
reinvent the wheel twice.

So it's in the pipeline. Just so much to do, so little time.

73 Howard G6LVB

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