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Re: Lamp-Pole Towers?

I asked about costs of the very tall (100-200') slim lamp posts at
Interstate intersections which have internal cables for lowering the LAMp
cluster to the ground...  My interest was in a nice ANTENNA mast for
easyground access to swapping out antnenas etc...

Here is the answer from
Dick Zimmer:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
On Mon, 9 Sep 2002, Dick Zimmer wrote:

> I have one of these for research where I work at Texas Transportation
> Institute... It is 170 ft tall and has the winch and cables to lift the
> big ring up and down in 20 minutes. The motor is a big, removable,
> electric drill with a square shaft.... A problem is with the feed line.
> There is no good way to attach it to the pole.  I just wrapped it around
> the pole about five times after the ring/ antenna was raised.  It could
> run down the inside like the power cable but needs to go over the pulley
> at the top.  [an awfull lot of flexure for coax...]
> The cost of this thing is outa site for the average hams.  I think the
> turn key install was around $80,000.  Even if you could find a used one,
> a big cost item is the foundation.  It is a drilled shaft 30 feet deep
> and 5 ft diameter.  This then is filled with steel and concrete. 73 Dick
> Zimmer, W5DZ

I wonder if the cost of the 100 footers is significantly less.  As you go
down in height by a factor of 2, the forces should go down by 4 and so
maybe that gets you to $20,000 each which is still too much for me!


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