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Re: TS2000

You can see my review of this rig in The AMSAT Journal, May/Jun 2001, pp. 12-13.  That was written more than a year ago and the software upgrade (available over the I-net) fixed most of the first-run problems mentioned in that review.

Overall, the rig is adequate as a satellite station, is superb as an HF station, and is still the only single radio you can buy to work every satellite out there, including HF uplinks and downlinks, 1200 and 9600 baud packet with built-in TNC, and 1270 MHz uplinks.  Having to only have one headphones/mic, one CW paddle, one serial connection to my PC, etc., makes the operating convenience of the rig the single most compelling feature.  The PC control is excellent, as a Howard commented, is fully operable remotely (i.e., over the Internet).  

My favorite feature:  the separately adjustable lower and upper IF flter limits.  You have to try this in an HF contest situation to appreciate how superior this implementation is.

My least favorite "feature":  the rig does not tune continously from LF to L-band on the main tuning VFO.  It is ham-band specific above 30 MHz.  Why not?  Even my FT-100 tunes continuously up to 900 MHz.

My biggest complaint:  already mentioned here... reducing output power (on all bands) when you turn on the "transverter" display feature.  Neat feature... stupid implementation.

Attaboys:  Kenwood service was flawless (if a little slow) on the 23 cm upgrade (I bought mine before it was available).

Gotchas:  the SWR meter does not work above 6 m.

Bottom line:  I think it is a bargain if you use all of the radio.  If you want it just for satellites, you are potentially buying more radio than you need.  

Soapbox:  If you work UO-14, you will appreciate the 100 W on 2 m :-))
Jerry, K5OE/3

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