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RE: TS2000

Hello Hardy

> Hi fellow satellite ops,
> any comments concerning the TS 2000 ? I m interested in all features
> not only satellite.
> I have seen quite a number of positiv comments - can t believe that
> this radio has
> no minus points ?

All in all a great rig IMHO.

But if you're looking for problems here's some that spring to mind:

Adding to Perry's notes about the transverter dropping the output power and
the sub receiver scanning problem he's found, I'll add...

o A big birdie right on the downlink of AO-27 makes working the bird more
difficult but thanks to Doppler you can at least work it some of the pass.

o No discriminator meter like Yaesu's had on their satellite rigs for a
decade or more. Great for tuning in the 9600bps birds.

o No preamp power

o Although adjustable, there's not really enough delay on the PA control to
allow switching over of relay contacts on preamps for sequencers.

o Those looks do grow on you, really they do.

On the plus side:

o IF DSP is excellent - no need to buy any filters

o Auto ATU isn't bad - but won't tune everthing

o Being _Fully_ remotely controllable is the icing on the cake for me

o Second receiver on V/UHF

o Optional 23cm module available

73 Howard G6LVB

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