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The two disadvantages in the TS2000 are these.

First when the sub receiver is scanning and you are tuning the main vfo,
sometimes it will jump 400kcs.

There is a firmware update that is suppose to correct this although I have
not tried it yet to see if it does work.

Second when using a down converter to receive 2400.00 to say 28.00 the ts
2000 will read 28.000.

If you turn on the transverter mode you can program the ts 2000 to read

That is good, but the bad news is that having the transverter mode on also
reduces the output power on 144, 432, 1296 to 1 watt or less (thinking you
will be transmitting into a transverter).

The fix is leave the transverter mode off and think of 28.00 as 2400.00.

These are the bad things and most I have talked to can work around these
issues easily.

Perry WB8OTH

Perry Yantis - Pyantis@earthlink.net
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