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Re: Thoughts on getting the satellite antennas back online. . .

> > I see typically about a half dozen automated ground stations loggon to
> > UO22 on each pass and then logoff almost immediately because there is
> > little or no traffic.  All the rest of the pass the QUEUE
> > is empty.

Jerry pointed out that my assessment was probably limited and overstated
(remember, I only see the daytime-workday passes).
Here is Jerry's assessment for weekends:

> ...  I typically work the weekend passes, at least one in the AM and one
> in the PM, plus work the western pass almost every evening when I get
> home from work.  I typically see 3 to 5 "live" stations on there and you
> only have to check the DIR to see recent traffic.  Last week I saw
> KE4AZN and FWF and a few others in messages.  Likewise, the prior week I
> exchanged several messages with KE4LX.  I only see two automated
> stations, one in 0 and one in 6. 73, Jerry, K5OE/3 FM19 for a change
> Jerry, K5OE

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