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Re: Thoughts on getting the satellite antennas back online. . .

On Sun, 8 Sep 2002, John Hansen wrote:

> Unless I'm reading the AMSAT webpage incorrectly, the only 9600 baud
> digital satellites left that are operational are UO-22 and perhaps
> MO-46.  Can this be correct?  I can remember when UO-22 was basically
> reserved for BBS message forwarding.  Now that BBS's are pretty much
> dead, has this satellite reverted to general amateur use?

I see typically about a half dozen automated ground stations loggon to
UO22 on each pass and then logoff almost immediately because there is
little or no traffic.  All the rest of the pass the QUEUE is empty.

So, since the end of 1999, UO-22 also enabled DIGIPEATING to support early
experiments with APRS leading to PCsat.  Since any Kenwood D7 or D700 with
the built-in 9600 baud TNC can use UO-22, we thought there would be lots
of users of this mode.  I have given many demo's of standing in the
parking lot with my D7 HT and digipeating packets via UO-22 (with a small
3 element handheld beam for the downlink)...

ALso, my APRStk (dos) sofware will auto-track-auto-tune the kenwoods for
any satelliite includgin UO-22, thus I capture ANY UI packet from ALL
amateur satellites (now only ISS, PCsat, and UO-22).....

BUT, I never see any users on UO-22.  Just the same "PB-EMPTY" status
packets saying the channel is avaialble...

And in the 3 years of being able to digipeate via UO-22, we finally have
someone that has a permanent UO-22 downlink feeding into the APRS system
so that if you do send a packet via UO-22, it has a small chance of
getting into the APRS system.  But since the UO-22 UHF 9600 baud downlink
pays a 16 dB downlink penallty compared to ISS or PCSAT (to an OMNI
antenna) it will either take tracking stations or LOTS of omni downlink
stations to cover the USA...

Problem is that my APRStk does everything EXCEPT it is too stupid to know
how to link the data into the internet.  And without the INTERNET link,
then we do not have the space-diverstiy reception multiplier of just
letting lots of OMNI receivers gather the packets...

Oh, the UPLINK to UO-22 is easy and can be done with a whip and the 5W


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