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Re: UO-11 and NO-44 over ZL

Hi Alan

> NO-44 has not been heard for several days, now. Has it succumbed to the
> ravages of solar emmissions?

NO-44 does work, but unfortunately the bird is in eclipse every orbit and
cannot get enough charge in the batteries when it's out of eclipse to
survive an entire orbit without resetting.

When it resets, the default mode is to switch a lot of the systems ON, and
thus we cannot get enough charge into the batteries.

The fundamental problem is that there is a failed solar panel.

As command stations we attempt to switch all the non-essential systems off
when we can, but it's quite a chore to do this every orbit (we do have day
jobs!). The nature of way the bird is commanded has made it difficult to
implement an automated method to fire off 'low power' commands.

The length of some of the eclipses at the moment approaches 35 minutes,
which is far too long for the batteries to last without more charge I'm

On 20 September we enter a period of a week or so no eclipses, and with luck
we will be able to keep the bird available for general use again for a few
weeks. Hopefully we will be able to maintain low power before 20 September
as eclipses become shorter.

What makes our efforts particularly difficult is when stations connect to
the bird. This is unfortunately due to operators not being aware that this
is primarily a UI digipeater and not a flying BBS. This led to a failed
command session this morning for me, as the bird used up all its stored
charge trying to maintain connection to a station which had tried connecting
to the BBS at least twice that I saw.

73 Howard G6LVB

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