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Beacon+20 Net

Rick, kg6ial and Jean, kg6iak will share net control on 10sep02 starting at
1300z....The usual pacific coverage for western US, Canada and Alaska.  Squint
looks pretty good on into the time period.

Just a word about round robin nets, if you are not that familiar with them.
Note your position in the round table, at the very minimum the person to whom
you will hand it off.  Give it back to net control if you are in doubt.  Late
check-ins will usually hand it off to net control, but he may have several..if
ever in doubt it goes back to net control.

Please observe the rotation...one on ones are discouraged with the 
exception of a
brief "roger" to answer a brief question...

This is a tremendous time for newcomers to get several viewpoints in answer to
their quesions..

Zero beat net control...He is NEVER OFF FREQUENCY.  Touch up only on your 
to stay with net control...Disable your "one goes up, the other goes down, 

If you hear a breaker, pass that info on to the net control, UNLESS the net 
asks for a relay...

These aren't rules, just common sense courtesy.  A sure way to incur the 
wrath of the
players is to persist in one on one repeated exchanges...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

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