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Re: Why do we need large dish?

This morning is really a good situation on how big dish is really needed:
I woke up 4AM early morning (which is around 21:00 UTC) and found the MB at
about S6 but QSB.
Check thru Nova, and it confirmed that it is High Squint (29).
Call CQ and got replied immediately. Even though all of the report
complaining with a deep QSB, but still I can have more than 10 QSOs with
some new countries.
At about 7 o'clock, the squint is improving (21), but at that time most of
our friends in Europe is fallen asleep already (understandable, cause it is
about 2 or 3 o'clock early in the morning).
I just hope that more and more people considered to try a bigger dish (if
they can afford the space), so we can have more flexible window on AO-40.
I noticed that State-side window is becoming very poor now (high squint >
50), I dont know whether this is only temporary situation that will recover
or not.
Only friend on the Command Team can tell....

Reinhard Sual - YB0KTQ
OI33lt - Jakarta - Indonesia
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