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Re: Thoughts on getting the satellite antennas back on line. . .

Hi John,

  I have helped install the exact dish you have on 2 different 
crossbooms, and they have not had a problem. Both have 8 foot fiberglass 
crossbooms, and they have been ok mounted up there along with their 2 
meter and 435 antennas. We had a bit of a balancing problem with one 
setup, and the antenna's would not level out properly becuase it was 
inproporley balanced. We had not adjusted it right, and the rotor 
couldn't handle it. But once we carefully re-adjusted it, we got it 
perfect, and it has been ok. We adjusted the mounting of the beam 
antenna's to compensate for the forward weight of the dish, and it 
worked out well.
   I know that there are others here that have the same setup, so maybe 
someone can give you a few other suggestions.
  Just wanted to let you know that it has been done twice here with 
friends of mine, and after careful balancing, it has worked out well.
Me? Well, I am still running mine on a camera tripod in the yard...I 
haven't yet put mine on the crossboom. I dont mind though, I just send 
the YL out every 20 minutes with a protractor and a compass to re-aim 
it, HiHi.
Seriously though, congrats on getting back up, and hope to work you soon!

   Brian, WO9LF

John Hansen wrote:

>    I own a Bob Myer's bar-b-que grill dish, which I've been using for 
> years on 802.11 (the old 3 Mbps version), but I can't see how my 
> current antenna setup is going to accommodate such a large, unbalanced 
> antenna as this.  Has anyone had any luck using a long loop yagi or 
> other antenna that can be mounted on a crossboom in a fashion that is 
> balanced and doesn't twist the crossboom?

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Brian Opalka       Amateur Radio Station WO9LF

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