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Re: Thoughts on getting the satellite antennas back on line. . .

John, UO-22 passes both personal and bbs traffic. The packet network is
still alive and well. Hopefully others will chime in with the status of the
other digital birds. 

AO-10 comes back to life now and then and lately has been in eclipse when
viewable from the East Coast of the USA, (at least when I am awake!). 

AO-40 downlinks at mainly at 2.4ghz with other bands still being tested. I
use a 2 foot BBQ dish on my boom with G-5400 roter and KLM 40cx and 22C
antennas without a problem. 

Hope to catch you on the birds soon!

73 Phil

>HI Folks:
>Bearing in mind that I really don't have any interest in FM 
>satellites or voice-based LEO's, what is left these days?   Unless I'm 
>reading the AMSAT webpage incorrectly, the only 9600 baud digital 
>satellites left that are operational are UO-22 and perhaps MO-46.  Can
>be correct?  I can remember when UO-22 was basically reserved for BBS 
>message forwarding.  Now that BBS's are pretty much dead, has this 
>satellite reverted to general amateur use?  I tried listening to MO-46 
>tonight, but did not detect any signal.  Is there a community of folks 
>still using 9600 baud store and forward or has the Internet largely 
>displaced this as well?  If such a group exists, on what satellites will 
>they be found these days?
>	I'm not hearing anything out of AO-10 tonight, either.   This may be 
>because it is in eclipse (which it seems to be), or is it dead as well (or

>perhaps I have an equipment problem?)?   Yes, I know AO-40 is up there,
>as nearly as I can determine, the only downlink band they've been able to 
>get working thus far is 2.4 gigs.  While I have one of the Drake 2880's
>a preamp, the antenna situation worries me a bit.   I own a Bob Myer's 
>bar-b-que grill dish, which I've been using for years on 802.11 (the old 3

>Mbps version), but I can't see how my current antenna setup is going to 
>accommodate such a large, unbalanced antenna as this.  Has anyone had any 
>luck using a long loop yagi or other antenna that can be mounted on a 
>crossboom in a fashion that is balanced and doesn't twist the crossboom?
>	This all leaves me a bit puzzled.  When the highest OSCAR number was 25, 
>there were at least 3 9600 baud digital satellites available, either 3 or
>PSK satellites available, and AO-10 and AO-13 for DX work.  In a
>short period of time we've made it up to OSCAR 46, but what are all these 
>satellites doing?   I conclude from this that I must be mis-reading the 
>material on the AMSAT webpage and have just failed to find the relevant
>birds.   Any suggestions on where to proceed from here would be
>John Hansen, W2FS
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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