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Need Info on Avantek Amplifier SC86

>Hi there!
>Can anyone provide info on an amplifier I found at a hamfest?  Web 
>searching has not yielded any info.
>It is an Avantek SC86-7691, with the following addional labeling:
>    * 5-500 MHz
>    * 9339 0122
>    * Caution - Noise Figure Measurement can damage this amplifier
>It is approximately 1" x 1 3/8" x 3/4", and has 2 female N connectors and 
>connections labeled +15V and Gnd.
>I think Avantek was bought by HP at one point.
>I would appreciate any info anyone might have, or clues as to where to 
>find it.
>Thanks & 73
>Paul W4SKI

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