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RE: Russian Answer

Which part is an urban legend?  Years ago, 73 magazine
did an article called "The first man in space was a ham".
They proceeded to tell the story of Yuri Gagarin. although
I have forgotten most of it, including the callsign.

So was Wayne Green and the 73 staff duped too?


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> > > Yuri Gagarin held the call UA1LO making him the first 
> > > radio amateur to orbit the earth and return safely.
> THIS IS AN URBAN LEGEND.  I had found it in old mail and 
> posted it here
> recently.  I have been informed by Martin Davidoff that it is 
> not true.
> It is an urban legend that won't go away...
> Sorry for posting it ....  you just cant trust anything you 
> read anymore
> on hi hi...
> Bob
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