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Yuck!!!  And I thought US bureaucrats were nit-pickers!

73 de N8AU, Jim in Raymore, MO

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Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2002 10:50 AM
To: Reicher, James; AMSAT-BB
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Hello This is Yoshi.

At 2002/09/05 23:07:27 Reicher, James wrote:
> Please see this link http://www.jarl.or.jp/English/2_Outline/A-2-2.htm.
> shows the types of emissions and power that are permitted for Japanese
> The link you provided is to the JARL band plan. Band plans are
> recommendations, not legal requirements.   

  The "Band Plan" term in JA is not the recommendation now. It became
a part of government rule at about 10 years ago. x-o

  The chart that you point, was made with omitting much sharply from
the Radio rule "#316-SOUMUSHO-KOKUJI 1992". This rule says as below
(for example in 70cm band only).

Band_______ Type of emittion_____________ Segment____________
430~440MHz  A1                            430~430.1MHz
            A1 A2(9) A3 A3A A3H A3J A9(3) 430.1~430.9MHz
            A1 A2 A3 A3H A3J A4 A5J(2)    430.9~431MHz
              A9C(1) F1 F4(4) F5(5)  
            F2(8) F4(10) F5(11) F9(12)    431~431.5MHz
            F2(9) F3                      431.5~431.9MHz
            A1 A2(9) A3 A3A A3H A3J       431.9~432.1MHz(17)
            F2(9) F3                      432.1~434MHz
  (1)-Only FAX within 3KHz bamdwidth.
  (2)-Only AFSK-AM-TV within 3KHz bandwidth.
  (3)-Only DSB-voice.
  (4)-Only AFSK-FM-FAX within 3KHz bandwidth.
  (5)-Only AFSK-FM-TV within 3KHz bandwidth.
   : <snip>
  (8)-Only Data transmittion.
  (9)-Only Morse-code transmittion.
   : <snip>
  (11)-Only TV with less than 3KHz modulation signal.
  (12)-Only FAX.
   : <snip>
  (17)-Only EME operation.
   : <snip>

  Much complicated! This rule TAKES 7 PAGES on the radio law book!
There is 11 segment on 70cm band (108 segments total) and total 26
remarks... we JA hams have to understand this chart to operation...

   Gee... x-p

  Anyway, all chart on JARL web site is much omitted from real
regulation. If somebody want to operate in JA, he/she will be shocked
with the volume of radio rule book Hi.

  73 de Yoshi

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