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Re: Unknown sounds

The sounds you are experiencing sounds are from a LAN. I have a Network 
switch/hub in the same location at my satellite station and it emits a 
large amount of RF. I even switched to a different switch/hub to hope to 
stop the noise, but I didn't have any luck (two brands, two models, same 
noise). I realized this was going to be a problem before I built my station 
so I went with LMR-600 for all my coax. The extra shielding reduced the 
noise I was experiencing with 9913/lmr-400. While I can still hear the 
noise, its at a level I can now tolerate. I have several ideas for 
eliminating it altogether, however I haven't had the time to implement any 
of them.

In my case there was a simple way to test my theory about the switch/hub. I 
simply unplugged it and the bands went silent

73's de wo5m

At 09:01 AM 9/4/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I have created a page of unknown sounds that I have heard trying to find 
>beacon - the ones I made last night seem to have some sort of CW characters in
>them. Has anyone heard any of these sounds before? I believe they may just be
>computer or LAN noise in my house. The page is located at
>http://kd4app.webhop.org/amsat/unknown.htm .

Randy Mclean
Network Engineer
National Door Industries

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