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IPS Programming Page added to AMSAT-NA Web Site

The OSCAR-40 satellite, like its predecessors P3A, OSCAR-10, and OSCAR-13,
has as its "brains" a computer system based on the RCA COSMAC 1802

The computer is running an operating system called IPS (Interpreter for
Process Structures), and loaded into that environment is the flight software
that does spacecraft command and control, housekeeping chores, battery
charge control, navigation, transponder switching, beacon data generation,
and so on.

Work is currently underway to develop a custom processor (currently
codenamed the Am1601). This processor will be optimized for the IPS
operating system and will be used in the flight computer for the new
AMSAT-NA "Eagle" satellite, and may be used for the proposed AMSAT-DL P3E
and P5A satellites as well.

IPS was devised by Karl Meinzer, DJ4ZC, at a time when 1802, 6502, 6800 and
8080/Z80 processors were state of the art -- around 1976-1979. At that time
there just wasn't an easy-to-use, robust, engineering-oriented, multitasking
and, above all, portable operating system for cheap computers based on these
CPUs and their tiny (boldly described as "massive") 16 kilobyte memories.
Computers at that time meant the Atari 800, North Star Horizon, etc. IPS is
a brilliant piece of software engineering, as relevant today as it ever was.

But how many people know anything about IPS? Not many nowadays, I'll bet.
Well, here's an opportunity to discover all about it, with a book and IPS
emulators for DOS and Windows.

For more details see:


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