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Re: ANS - AO-07 rehash

At 03:29 PM 9/4/02 -0400, Lee wrote:
>I was looking at these regs myself because someone had suggested that EME
>operators could legitimately complain that a satellite uplink is operating
>out of its sub-band.  However, a literal interpretation of "Earth Station"
>would include EME operators since the only requirement is the use of an
>"object in space".  So in fact, it is they who have been out of band all
>these years.
>No, I'm not arguing to move EME ops into the satellite sub-band.  Just
>wanted to point out that there is a LONG history of Earth Station operation
>in the region of 432 MHz.

Pretty funny Lee!

Of course band-plans are mostle the artifact of hams, not the FCC (Ham
Satellite Service to the contrary).  The intent is to group like types of
ham activity and segregate activities/modes that are incompatible.  The
EME'rs will not likely object or complain if you do not interfere with
on-going QSO's.  This is, of course, covered well by FCC regulation.  So in
this case you only need to listen to your uplink frequency for activity,
before operating....I assume your system is capable of hearing signals off
the Moon...right?  You see the rub...if the local eme station is
listening/not transmitting, you might not know that "the frequency is in
use"!  I would respect the cw-only sub-bands, though.  The FCC wisely set
aside cw-only sub-bands because ssb is inherently incompatible with cw
reception.  Food for thought!

So in keeping with the spirit of friendly cooperation between two different
types of activity, the best policy would be to stay off the eme sub-band.
I am not active on 70cm eme so not exacty sure of current frequency use,
but I think if one stays higher in the 432.1-432.2 sub-band there is less
likelyhood of a problem.  Want to be a good neighbor, inquire with local
432-eme hams what is the current use.

Another way of looking at this is looking at repeater band-plans.  The
input sub-band is separated from the output...how many folks listen to
their input freq. before opearating on a repeater channel (not really
necessary since you monitor the output, right)?  Satellite operation is
more akin to repeaters in that the signal is input on one freq and output
on another (and actively amplified).  Maybe repeater operators will think
they should operate on AO-7's frequency?  Pulling your leg a little, but
the analogy holds!  I know if some local gets on the satellite-band with
his FM rig...I'm going to jump all over him, and quick!

Now, I am not addressing the legality issue here.  That one is for every
ham to be informed about and make his own decision.  If the powers that be,
decide you are operating illegally, then YOU pay the price (in the USA,
ignorance of the law is no defense...ignorance is NOT bliss!).  I think
Amsat is wise to stear clear of this issue.

I do note the CFR you quote does not expressly state that 432.1xx is "in"
the Satellite Service....435-438 is!  You make your own decision!  I sure
wish some Int'l lawyer-ham would settle this by researching it and
reporting back.  Oh well, back to soldering!

Ed - AL7EB
2m-eme: very close to QRV, again

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