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Re: AO40 dish

Hi Fred,

IF you have the choice, I think concentrating on putting up a 6 foot or
bigger dish might be more profitable. You will have excellent rx capability,
and with a dual band patch feed, your 10 watts will be very usable for
L-band uplink. I'm currently using a 34"/86 cm. dish myself, and 2 X 35 el
M2 yagis on L-band uplink, but hope to change that for a larger dish
shortly. I use L-band 95% of the time, and find that at higher squints, it
quite often works better than U-band.

As far as JT44 operations on Ao-40,  I would suggest using the same
procedures as the EME crowd ( CQ calls in the first period, or for skeds,
western-most station goes first). I think that a good area to operate would
be at 50 khz below the beacon. There is very little activity down there, and
it fits in with the concept of weak-signal work being done at the low end of
the band, such as on other Vhf/Uhf operations.

see you on there...



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