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Re: AO40 dish

I have to agree with Roy.  In ham radio, when talking antennas, bigger is 
better.  The better your antennas are, the more you'll enjoy the hobby, 
irregardless of the band or mode.  I have a three foot dish and it receives 
well with a cheap downconverter.

  I just wish the command team would try and get the omni's working 
again.  Sometimes I wonder if it bothers them to know that there is a 
satellite in range, open for business, and know one can use it.

At 06:14 PM 9/2/02 -0700, "Roy Schulz" <rschulz@direct.ca> wrote:
>a 60cm dish may be all you need, but you'll never be sorry if you can get a
>10 foot dish working for you...lot's of flexibility there, as long as you
>can make it track accurately...it can be your downlink, and your uplink
>antenna for all the AO-40 bands simultaneously..and you'll hear everything
>that's on the bird, at any time..convinced yet..??

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