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Re: AO40 dish

Roy is on the mark... if you can use a larger antenna do it...

I have experimented with a helix, a 50 element loop yagi,a 3x2 bbq grill,g3ruh patch, a 60cm dish and a 1.2m dish...for
downconverters a transystem, down east microwave,preamps,and a  db6nt

there is nothing wrong with having extra gain... sure under ideal conditions and assuming you have built your helix or patch
properly and you have it installed in the optimum position then a 60cm is fine, although I doubt at apogee you will hear a lot of
the noise floor if the squint is not very low.

But a little larger dish will make up for any problems in your setup and give you a little extra margin, and based on some of the
stations I have talked to, and to many of the stations I have listened to, people need to work on better receive setups... there is
nothing funnier and sadder than listening to two stations both in the U.S. when the sat is high in Elevation for both almost at
beacon level yelling... "roger roger ok copy but your just barely above my noise level..."


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