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9913 Coaxial Cable

For the past 8 to 10 years I have been using 9913 (approx.100ft.) as my
2mtr feedline .Lately I have been having problems ,as follows.
When the weather is damp , or rainy and  the antennas are pointed in
certain directions ( this seems to vary) I get a high SWR warning light
. I have been told that this is a characteristic fault of this product,
that it does absorb moisture internally.

Now I need some help or comments on the following suggestion , that was
given to me for a remedy to be used to attempt a fix for this problem. A
25 watt lamp bulb is connected in series to the centre conductor ,120
volts applied to light bulb with coax shield to ground .The idea I am
told is if moisture has shorted out cable light will not come on. If
light bulb has a dim glow then leave in this state for 24hrs or so.  As
drying takes effect the light bulb should return to its natural

The antennas are M2 2mtr. and 70cm mounted on a tripod , which is
located atop of wooden garden shed .The cross-boom is fiberglass.

My knowledge of electronics or electricity is if the wall switch is
turned on , the lights should come on .

The feed from the mast mounted PA to the antennas has been checked with
MFJ analyzer and no problem, as soon as the 9913 connected (with mast
mounted PA taken out of  line)
the swr needle goes right off the scale.

All connectors had been re weather proofed with coax sealant about a
year ago. They did not show any signs of moisture penetration into the
connector as this was one of the first areas we checked.

Would appreciate any comments or suggestions,other than replace coax. I
have ordered LMR 400 from local supplier.

73 de Gerry ve4gtb
Amsat membership number 29196

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