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Re: bulb(s) for Yaesu G-5500

I like the LED idea... low current and less heat.  Another option is to 
replace the bulbs in there with RS #7219 (272-1092C) 12 V micro-lamps.  I put 
in a pair (one per side) about a year ago and they seem to be doing fine.
Jerry, K5OE

williamb@netc.net.au writes:

> >Surely I'm not the first...
>  >Can anybody tell me what kind of bulb(s) are in the G-5500 
>  >controller?  And how many?  Mine aren't glowing that pretty green this 
>  >morning...
>  Hello Mark,
>  I have a Kenpro KR5400b which I believe are similar. My bulbs burned out a 
>  couple of years ago. The standard treatment here in VK is to replace them 
>  with high intensity wide-angle LEDs. Mine are orange (amber) and they 
>  the dials very well, and should never give trouble. You have to put in 
>  dropping resistors but they can be mounted on the small circuit board that 
>  carried the original tubular bulbs.
>  73, Bill...vk3jt
>  Milawa
>  Australia
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