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Re: Signal Source for 2.4GHZ


I have been selling signal sources that are made from used Gardiner 
downconverters that will produce an S-9 signal within about 100' at 2397.840 
MHZ (141.840 MHZ on 2 meters) for $17.50 plus shipping. They require no 
modifications to generate a signal on this frequency.  They are weatherproof 
and have a built in dipole.  They are powered by 12 to 20 volts through the F 

With the package, I also provide a 12 MHZ crystal that will solder in from 
above,  without board removal, and provide a signal at about 2400.020 MHZ.  I 
also provide information on how to bring the signal level up to about -15 dBM 
or better if you feel like cuttng out some interesting boards.

Emaill me at: k5gna@aol.com and I will send a price list.  

Bob Seydler
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