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Re: UO-22 azimuth-only system

Follow-up to Dave's answer:

Thanks, Dave, for your reply.  Have a couple of follow-up

>A friend in Australia wrote a program that attaches to 
>IT, and will switch a relay to select an antenna that 
>is designed for various elevations.

Is this program available? (I already use IT!)

>I use it here in conjuction with a quadrifilar 
>mounted vertically (good sigs above 30° El), and a 
>j-pole (good sigs to 30° EL).  It works very well, 
>simple, and no rotors required.  

OK. Quadrifilar is used a lot for WX sats.  Could you
accomplish the same thing with an Eggbeater (either M2 
or K5OE's design)?  Using that in combination with a 
collinear vertical (say 4-6 dB gain, something like 
a Super J-Pole or Hustler G6-440)? 

Do you experience much fading, switching from vertical at
low elevations to circular polarization at higher elevations?

If you used an eggbeater, you'd probably have an area in
the middle where you'd have horizontal polarization.
Kind of like Neopolitan ice cream ;-).

I already have a couple of Tohatsu Coax relays and a pile
copper wire and PVC in the garage. Might be worth a try...

John Pfeifer - KL0WN
Kodiak, Alaska

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