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UO-22 azimuth-only system


Now that I'm taking a short break from all the fun I've been 
having on AO-40, I'm starting to think about that LEO antenna 
system I've been meaning to put up. 

I'm using UO-22 as a design point because I'd like to try the
PACSATs.  My research on the net indicates most people on
UO-22 are using gain antennas and az-el rotors, especially 
on receive.

Since I'm using an armstrong system for AO-40, I don't really 
want to spend the money on an az-el rotor system. But, I am 
considering putting up an azimuth-only system using APRStk.

Has anyone out there had experience using a modest cross yagi 
for UO-22 receive?  I'm thinking about 5 or 6 elements, 
switchable RHCP/LHCP with a good preamp, something on the 
order of 60 degrees/3db beamwidth with a gain of 9-10 dBi.  

If that leaves me too much of a hole directly overhead, I 
could supplant it with a Moxon turnstile array (switchable 
RHCP/LHCP, ~5.5 dBi gain).

For transmit, I'm thinking 3 or 4 el. yagi, vertically 
polarized, aimed about 30 degrees up.

I'd appreciate hearing your comments and/or suggestions.

Thanks, John

John Pfeifer - KLØWN - Kodiak, AK - www.johnpfeifer.com

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