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Re: AO40 velocity

Tom Clark, W3IWI wrote:
> Margaret is correct in stating that the reference frame needs to be defined.
> The answer that Stacey (W4SM) gave applied to an observer at the center of
> the earth.

Erm...I thought Stacy's answer was relative to an observer aboard an LEO 
in circular orbit at the altitude of AO-40's perigee. I thought it was 
particularly imaginative. T'was Bob McGuire who posted the 
center-of-the-Earth solution.

There's a delighful conversation in Robert Heinlein's "Rocket Ship 
Galileo" where, right after launch from Earth, bound for the Moon, two 
young crew members get into an argument over "how fast they are going"; 
looking at the same instument panel they come to completely different 
answers. Fortunately their mentor intervenes.

That book taught me a boatload about astronautics at a very young age...

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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