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RE: "J-Beam" Antenna

Ed said

> Ah yes, I remember it well!  In 1965 I was living just east of Jackson,
> Michigan, and having just got out of college I satisfied ham radio urges
> that had been put off four years for my studies!

Well I don't go back that far radio-wise, but I do remember drooling over
the thought of the 88 ele back in the early 80's.

I may well be wrong here, but I vaguely remember seeing stated somewhere
that because you ended up with full wave directors mounted in the centre, if
there was much corrosion around the centre point of the directors where they
met the boom, the antenna's gain dropped off significantly.

Could be an old wive's tale, but I'd be interested if there was any truth in

Always seemed to me like a great way to make more gain out of a smaller
volume - an alternative to stacking. Tough to make it CP though.

73 Howard G6LVB

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