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Re: Communication thru P5-A

Hello Chris.
>I don't believe you knew Mars' location without looking it up for one 

Believe whatever you want.

But you are wrong here.

>The Viking Orbiter transmitter outputed 30 watts, MGS outputs 25 watts and 
>outputs about 20 watts, so 50 watts with a big dish is important.

I did have to look this up because I wanted a source for it.

<<Communications were accomplished through a 20-W S-band (2.3 GHz) 
transmitter and 2 20-W TWTA's. An X-band (8.4 GHz) downlink was also added 
specifically for radio science and to conduct communications experiments. 
Uplink was via S-band (2.1 GHz). A 2-axis steerable high-gain parabolic dish 
antenna with a diameter of approximately 1.5 m was attached at one edge of 
the orbiter base, and a fixed low-gain antenna extended from the top of the 
bus. Two tape recorders were each capable of storing 1280 Mbits. A 381 MHz 
relay radio was also available.

Just do a google on Viking Spacecraft and you'll find it.

And this
>is baseline.  If they fly it with advanced solar panels or increase the
>square area of the cells it will be closer to the 100 watts.

And anything is possible.

Including the fact that the P5-A will fly.


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