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RE: Lightning protection

Ok - first off thanks for all the great info !  I'm about to order the
cabling and lightning protectors and I want to go over it first. Looks like
ICE has the better prices for their gear.  I will have two coax runs of
approx. 150' to the shack which will go to M-squared 2M and 70cm antennae,
and then I will have a coax run to the 3' dish with AIDC 3733 downconverter
mounted at the helix feed. The rotor is a G5500 which will require two cable
runs.  I've been advised to use RG6 or RG59 with F-connectors off of the
dish as this will add needed attenuation.  Therefore, ICE has a model 311
device for this purpose that will pass DC and uses F connectors. Next will
be LMR400 coax to the M-squared antennae. Now, I could use LMR600 for the
100' run from the SPG to the 'dog house' next to the tower. I would probably
save about 1 db for the hassle of using this cable.  For the DC blocking
protectors, I'm going with a pair of ICE 302N's.  Rotor control cable
protectors looks like model 348 and will need two.  All will be mounted on
the SPG plate at the shack feedthrough.  One other thing - I will have two
2M runs - one for transmit and one for receive (IF). Anybody using, say,
Daiwa coax switches for this - or what is the recommendation ? Also, I seem
to remember an item from my reading on this BB that would protect the
downconverter from accidental RF transmission.  Before I scorch the credit
card, I want to make sure all is complete.

Thanks to all !


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