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Re: Communication thru P5-A

Whatever happened to civil discourse and mutual respect?

At 01:14 AM 28-08-2002, CLVANCIL@aol.com wrote:
>You have been wrong and don't simply fess up and mound BS on BS.  What
>convinces you of anything has little merit with me.  And I hope others will
>bother to read both those PDF files and actual comprehend the meaning and not
>take your BS for truth.
>I don't believe you knew Mars' location without looking it up for one moment!
>The Viking Orbiter transmitter outputed 30 watts, MGS outputs 25 watts and MO
>outputs about 20 watts, so 50 watts with a big dish is important.  And this
>is baseline.  If they fly it with advanced solar panels or increase the
>square area of the cells it will be closer to the 100 watts.  But as you are
>a neo-luddite (with non of the "rightness" of luddites) I don't believe for a
>second you care.  Robert, go stick your head back into the dirt, where it
>--Chris Vancil
>In a message dated 8/27/02 8:05:01 PM EST, cvn65vf94@msn.com writes:
> > Chris.
> >
> >  You would guess wrong.  I said that I read both of them before posting
> >  I did and I read them when they first came out which convinced me of the
> >  folly of the thing.
> >
> >  I knew where Mars was for a couple of reasons.  I generally have a pretty
> >  good idea at anyone time of where the planets are.  It comes from an
> >  interest in astronomy and its the sailor thing (in a crunch we know 
> how to
> >  navigate by them).  We were at the pool the other night and someone asked
> >  what time it was and I got it to within 10 minutes by looking up at the
> >  stars.
> >
> >  It will be curious to see if they can use the 20 meter one.  The plans
> >  for 100 watt transmitters that are only 50 at Mars.  That would still 
> be a
> >  "LOT".  AS I recall Viking had 20 (and a 1.5 meter dish)watt 
> transmitter.
> >  50 will be  "qro".
> >
> >
> >  Robert
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