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Feeding AO-40 TLM to Goddard - lack of success

I've been trying to feed AO-40 telemetry to Goddard using AO40rcv and
UDPtelem the last few days without success. I've seen some data from other
stations on my P3T connected to Goddard, but never have seen data
originating from my QTH. For example, last night (PDT) I could see data on
P3T via Goddard from someone, so the server must be up.

This morning, with AO-40 low in the west I fed telemetry to,
port 2121 but never saw my data retransmitted from Goddard on P3T. All
indications on UDPtelem show data being transmitted out from here.

Is there someone at Goddard who adds IPs authorized to feed data? I suspect
there are several of us who often capture AO-40 telem and would like to make
it available to others.

Ken, W7KKE, CN75xa

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