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Re: Communication thru P5-A

You have been wrong and don't simply fess up and mound BS on BS.  What 
convinces you of anything has little merit with me.  And I hope others will 
bother to read both those PDF files and actual comprehend the meaning and not 
take your BS for truth.

I don't believe you knew Mars' location without looking it up for one moment!

The Viking Orbiter transmitter outputed 30 watts, MGS outputs 25 watts and MO 
outputs about 20 watts, so 50 watts with a big dish is important.  And this 
is baseline.  If they fly it with advanced solar panels or increase the 
square area of the cells it will be closer to the 100 watts.  But as you are 
a neo-luddite (with non of the "rightness" of luddites) I don't believe for a 
second you care.  Robert, go stick your head back into the dirt, where it 

--Chris Vancil

In a message dated 8/27/02 8:05:01 PM EST, cvn65vf94@msn.com writes:

> Chris.
>  You would guess wrong.  I said that I read both of them before posting 
>  I did and I read them when they first came out which convinced me of the 
>  folly of the thing.
>  I knew where Mars was for a couple of reasons.  I generally have a pretty 
>  good idea at anyone time of where the planets are.  It comes from an 
>  interest in astronomy and its the sailor thing (in a crunch we know how to 
>  navigate by them).  We were at the pool the other night and someone asked 
>  what time it was and I got it to within 10 minutes by looking up at the 
>  stars.
>  It will be curious to see if they can use the 20 meter one.  The plans 
>  for 100 watt transmitters that are only 50 at Mars.  That would still be a 
>  "LOT".  AS I recall Viking had 20 (and a 1.5 meter dish)watt transmitter.  
>  50 will be  "qro".
>  Robert
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