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Lightning protection

I would recommend PolyPhazer for protection of the rotator lines. They
have a device for rotor control of up to 8 DC conductors. The part
number is IS-RCT. You will need two for 12 wire G5400/5500 AZ/EL
rotators. For the RF lines you have to consider that you may have to
pass DC for preamplifier or downconvertor bias. PolyPhazer has models
that will pass DC, however most models do not. You have to choose
carefully. Personally for these applications I prefer using Huber and
Suhner DC pass through devices such as the 3402.17.A. For H&S you must
also buy a gas cartridge appropriate to the power level that you are
running. The H&S devices probably will have more "let through" energy
than a PolyPhazer, but are better constructed and in my case were easier
to install.

Finally, the most important consideration is a single point ground
system. All equipment and the house electrical ground point must be at a
common potential. Much has been written about this. PolyPhazer has a
publication worth buying regarding grounding and lightning protection.

Joe Leikhim K4SAT

"Jazz is not dead.  It just smells funny." -F.Z.

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