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CW Telemetry on UO14 from (AO7)????

Tonight while working UO14 I was aware as I'm sure several others were of a 
CW signal on UO14. I didn't pay it much attention at first but it persisted 
so I turned the rig from FM over to CW to see what was going on. What I 
heard was a chirpy CW signal sending numbers and letters much like CW 
telemetry strings from some of the other birds.  Looking at Winorbit the 
only other  amateur satellite in the area appeared to be AO7 which was 
quite close to UO14. By the time I got interested the signal faded out. The 
beacon freq for AO7 is not in the pass band of UO14 but could this have 
been a transmitter "spur" from AO7 or a receiver spur of UO14 picking up AO7???


"A man who picks a cat up by the tail learns a lesson he can learn no other 
way" .... Mark Twain

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